The newest cult created by worshipers of science who know little about science is the cult of artificial intelligence. It appears anything is allowed that serves to ridicule hoi polloi beliefs in their uniqueness as human individuals. The Powers need no such beliefs because they have power as an end in itself, including the power to tell hoi polloi what they ought to believe. Artificial intelligence is artificial but not intelligence. It is millions of lines of complicated computer code that cannot speak the simplest language of the simplest human child. In the simplest of terms, code is not language and language is not code even though informally sometimes it is incorrectly called “computer language”. Neither the computer nor any linked community of computers such as the internet speaks a language, humans represent language information in the computer through code in the same way musical notes represent human music. Sheets of music however are not music.

Code is a finite set of rules for getting specific outputs from specific inputs. This is why you can create code for a and any language alphabet but not for a language directly: finite input leads to finite output. All non-mathematical language is vague and indeterminate. Vagueness and indeterminacy cannot be coded: infinite input leads to an infinite output.

Though language is sometimes a rule-based activity, it is not defined by rules — it defines rules and pretty much everything else. Language is best described as a holistic social activity by which individuals in a society communicate. Do not commit the Homunculus Fallacy that is omnipresent in artificial intelligence; in much of modern linguistics; and even in the related cult of so-called cognitive science in which behaviorism tries to hide as a hypothetical-deductive scientific model. (For more contemplation, see Kenny, A.J.P. “The Homunculus Fallacy”. (1971). Reported in his The Legacy of Wittgenstein, Oxford: Blackwell (1984), pp. 125-36.) Language does not exist in the brain anymore than code exists in the computer. A brain is necessary to speak a language in the same way that a computer is necessary for computer code but it is nonsense to say the brain contains or has rules for language in the same way it is nonsense to say the computer contains or has code. Language is the social activity by which we create words such as “brain” and create their meaning not the other way around. To paraphrase the Ancients and Star Trek: language is the fire in which we burn. Talking about language involves an observer effect as much as does quantum physics, however there is no way to compensate for it but we can be aware of it. For more contemplation, see Bennett, M.R.; Hacker, P.M.S. Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience, Oxford: Blackwell (2014).

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